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there's still a chance you can get around the back up. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm garvin thomas in for brent cannon. the time is now 5:00. we're going to get to rob in just a second, but we have an update on a story we brought you in the last half hour about power outages in san francisco. pg&e now tells us about 4,600 people living in the western addition area of the city don't have power at the moment. they say they will turn the lights back on hopefully between now and 6:00 a.m. >> get to sleep in a little bit. maybe pull the blankets over your head a little bit, a little cool out there this morning, rob. >> it is. and some folks may want to hang on to that for the afternoon as well. we've got some cool temperatures and this is what's getting my attention this morning. take a look at the radar. we're firing it up this morning to show you some rain mainly off to our north, but that frontal system there is providing enough lift to the low clouds this morning to drop drizzle for your morning commute.
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we've got 50s and 60s for the morning. as we jump towards the afternoon, you'll notice our temperatures not warming up a whole lot at all. you can see 60s to low 70s today. san jose, only a high of about 67 degrees. back to you. >> thank you very much. new this morning, thousands of east bay students will be able to stay in their schools. while you were sleeping, the richmond city council voted to keep the doors open at three of the city schools. nbc bay area's christie smith joins us live this morning with more on the passionate plea from parents. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. anytime you talk about closing schools, people get upset. in this case, they were talking about three schools on the chopping block. but it was kennedy high here in richmond that grabbed the most attention. and ultimately it came down to what would happen if all the students that went here were displaced. so for the second time, the richmond city council was asked to step in and donate money, $1.5 million. and by the end, it was a very emotional night, in the end, it was a done deal.
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kennedy has about 1,000 students that would have basically been moved mostly to richmond high, and there were concerns that this could spark some street-level violence. all around, there were passionate arguments just to keep the doors open. >> shutting the doors to our school will be shutting the doors to the future educations of our students and our community. >> we have passion! we have heart! it is not about a building, but it's about the people that are in the building! >> reporter: now, olinda and grant elementary school were the other two schools that may have been closed. of course, we now know that won't happen, at least for this year. west contra costra schools lost $39 million in state funding this year and the city money is good at least through this school year. the district says it was also in financial trouble because it was paying back a very hefty multimillion dollar loan. reporting live in richmond, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, christie. a homecoming tradition at another east bay high school has landed a 13-year-old in the hospital.
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on fridays, in the weeks leading up to homecoming, senior students at albany high drive by freshman walking home and pelt them with eggs. students say it's a harmless tradition, but school leaders say the tegging amounts to serious bullying and it's getting out of hand. friday night, police responded to five incidents. the most serious involved a 13 . in that case, when the eggers ran out of eggs to throw, they started throwing punches. police say the boy ended up with a fractured skull. the 17-year-old believed responsible was arrested. he faces felony battery charges. >> i don't think it was cool. i don't think -- that's not what it's really about. it's about throwing eggs, not physically assaulting. >> we all know this is a tradition, this hazing thing with the eggs, and this has just gone too far. >> the albany high principal calls the series of the eggings the worst he's ever seen in a long time. later this morning, lawyers
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will try to reduce the bail of a man that could possibly be involved in last week's east bay killing spree. 72-year-old charles rittenhouse is charged with possession of chemicals used to make explosives. his wife, 63-year-old segundia allen and her friend, 60-year-old marcia smart were found in their home. the attorney for a man accused of shooting a fremont police officer says the whole thing could be, quote, a tragic misunderstanding. dozens of fremont police officers flooded into the courtroom to see andrew barrientos get formally charged. the 20-year-old suspect faces ten felonies, including carjacking and attempted murder. barrientos did not enter a plea. in an earlier statement, he allegedly admitted to the shooting of officer todd young, but says he didn't know he was a cop. authorities say that detail is crucial to his sentencing. a 36-year-old man is in jail this morning after he was caught
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hiding in the attic of his former wife's house. police arrested manuel hernandez yesterday morning in the coastal town of oceano several miles south of san luis obispo. sheriff's departments say hernandez was hiding in his ex's attic, sending text messages to her cell phone. in those texts, he allegedly described the interior of her house. when deputies arrived, they found hernandez hiding in a cardboard box. sunnyvale fire investigators hope you might be able to catch a firebug who they say is getting more daring and more dangerous. they released this sketch of a man who they say has set 15 fires since may. they say the man's around 20 years old. many of the fires burned near south fair, oaks avenue, old san francisco road, and grand fir and garland avenues. the arsonist has torched mostly dumpsters until last week, that is, that's when he set a car on fire while someone was sleeping inside of it. that person was not hurt. if you recognize the man or have any information, call sunnyvale police. california's furlough fight
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heads to the state supreme court in san francisco today. the governor says the furloughs are necessary to deal with the current budget crisis. state workers say they are pawns in a political fight aimed at pressuring the legislature to act. justices have 90 days to publish their decision. if state employees win the case, it could get backpay for all the furlough days since february of 2009. job seekers can learn how to better navigate online websites in their search in a free workshop this morning. it will be at the east bay works one-stop career center. that's at el portout drive in san pablo at 1:00. the one-hour course will look at some of the most popular search websites as well as ways to find the best matches. just into the newsroom this morning, video after a deadly attack on american soldiers in iraq. >> scott mcgrew putting together details for us in the newsroom. >> well, good morning. this happened about 100 miles north of baghdad, laura, at an iraqi military base. a gunman opened fire, killing
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two american soldiers, wounding nine. now, they were not in a combat role at the time. as you know, the role is technically over. the combat role for u.s. troops. there has been some fighting in and around the capital city, though, in which american forces have participated. again, two american soldiers killed, nine wounded. we don't know the identity of the soldiers or where they're from in the u.s., but we certainly will keep you updated. >> thank you very much, scott. it's 5:07 right now. new this morning, crews are cleaning up the mess left at a police station by protesters demonstrating against an officer-involved shooting. despite the police chief's pleas for calm, hundreds of protesters threw eggs, rocks, and bottles of an l.a. police station overnight. protesters gained steam after an officer shot and killed a guatemalan immigrant sunday after he reportedly lunged at officers with a knife. the police chief says only 40
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seconds went by between the time officers made contact with the man and the moment an officer shot him twice. meantime, the fbi is investigating a bomb threat aboard a plane in los angeles. the pilot of a thai airways flight landed at l.a.x. after a bomb threat was spotted written on one of the plane's bathroom mirrors. the plane landed safely around 9:00 last night. workers inspected it in a remote part of the airport. the president of the airline says the message was written in english, with bad grammar. overnight, officers screened onboard luggage and interviewed passengers and crew members. there were about 200 people on board that plane. governor schwarzenegger will tour a south bay semi conductor company this morning ahead of his trip to asia this week. he'll talk this morning at marvel semiconductor before visiting the shanghai facility. he leaves tomorrow on a mission to promote california products. the governor says the trip could lock up millions of dollars in business for the state. the trip will last six days and take the governor to china, japan, and south korea. it is eight minutes past 5:00.
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it's wednesday morning and time to get another check of the commute with mike. >> too many ime to warn folks o they'll have big backups this morning. we have that cig alert still working 580 at airway boulevard. there's a fuel spill. that rig has been removed, but the fuel spill still being cleaned up with absorabsorbants. take stanley through surface streets and jump back on ats to hara or continue south. that's your workaround, but right now we see the backup continuing to build. meanwhile, westbound 80 at ashley, debris on the roadway. more details about that as they come in from chp. >> and know it's a little cooler outside too this morning. you can feel it, rob. >> you can feel it in terms of the temperatures and maybe on your skin in terms of the drizzle in a few spots this morning. san francisco and the coast, actually picking up some measurable rainfall overnight. we've had about 2/100 of an inch
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of rain, i know it doesn't seem like a lot, but it is september. notice the sea breeze blasting into fairfield this morning, ensuring we'll see good air quality today and a pretty cool afternoon. right now san jose, a little bit of mist around the santa clara valley. you can see here on the satellite radar view, most of the action of this system will be felt from sacramento northward over towards lake tahoe, where we'll see showers and maybe even some snow above 8,000 feet above lake tahoe today. around lunchtime, i think we'll start to see partly cloudy skies, but cool and breezy today. 67, san jose. close to 60 for san francisco. mid-60s in oakland. so a fall-like wednesday forecast today. then as we head towards the weekend, temperatures climb a little bit as we head towards saturday and sunday. back to you. >> sounds good. thanks. it's 5:10 right now. bp just released its report on the oil rig explosion and the spill it produced. we'll take a look ate, coming up. and speaking of troubled oil rigs, find out how this rig tilted and how workers were rescued. a bizarre series of fires,
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good wednesday morning to you. taking a live look outside in the south bay this morning, a quiet calm down by the hp pavilion. a little cool out there. grab a jacket as you head out the door. the best advice i can give you
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so far. 5:13 right now. this morning, more than 3,000 people are still out of their homes as wildfire rips through canyons in northern colorado. so far, 92 buildings have been destroyed by flamed. the governor has declared a state of emergency and the fire's estimated size has grown to more than 7,000 acres. fire officials are looking into reports that the fire started when a car crashed into a propane tank. they're also trying to figure out why an automated phone alert system failed for two hours during the evacuation. so far, there are no known injuries. this morning, fires that swept through at least two dozen homes across several blocks in detroit are finally out. hurricane-force winds fanned the flames yesterday. fire crews say the wind knocked down tree limbs into power lines, sparking the fires. at least 113,000 houses don't have power right now and at this hour, there are no reported injuries. today we get the rest of the story on how president obama plans to rescue the economy. on monday he pitched $50 billion for transportation projects to create jobs.
5:15 am
today, he's expected to urge congress to let the bush tax cuts expire for the wealthy individuals earning over $200,000 and couples over $250,000. he also wants to create $200 billion in business tax breaks, allowing small businesses to write off capital investments next year, giving them more cash to hire new workers. all of it paid for by ending tax breaks for big companies. republicans say it's the wrong approach. >> i don't think the american people want anymore stimulus spending coming out of washington. >> we're talking investments that are creating hundreds of thousands of private sector jobs right now. >> economists are split on whether this plan will work. the president cannot get any of it done without congress and most of them are up for re-election. and new this morning, senior white house security and economic advisers met with china's president in beijing. it's an apparent attempt to strengthen the relationship between the two economic powers. china's president said relations
5:16 am
remained healthy since president obama took office and praised the strategic and economic dialogue between the two sides. washington and beijing have been at odds this year because of several issues, including chinese internet policy and the value of china's currency. the u.s. trade deficit with china also reached nearly $227 billion last year. new this morning, rescuers saved 32 workers from an oil platform near china. a typhoon put the rig at a 45-degree angle in the bowhide sea. chinese rescue crews dill pull 32 men from the platform today, though two fell into the water and they are still unaccounted for. when the helicopters arrived at the platform, it was being pounded with 55-mile-an-hour winds and 13-foot waves. speaking of troubled oil rigs, news now on the worst man-made environmental disaster in our nation's history. >> 142 days after the explosion, bp is releasing new information.
5:17 am
scott mcgrew working the story for us. >> well, good morning. this is just one of a few reports we're going to see, laura. the justice department, the coast guard, several other interested parties are going to have their own investigations, but bp's version of events released just a few minutes ago describes a classic accident. a long, convoluted string of events, mistakes and misunderstandings that caused the explosion that killed 11 people and caused the enormous oil spill. now, bp says it has at fault, but not entirely at fault, pointing out as it has before that of the more than 100 people working on the deepwater horizon rig, only seven were bp employees. even this late into the investigation, though, there are questions. we know the explosion was caused by a huge bubble of gas, but why that gas escaped and why the blowout preventer didn't stop the oil from spilling, still a mystery this morning. garvin? >> scott, thank you very much. let's switch to sports now, talk baseball. the giants are back in arizona
5:18 am
tonight. the game against the diamondbacks starts just after 6:30. last night, tim lincecum on the mound and his troubles from last month seemed far behind him. he struck out 11 diamondbacks, giving up just five hits. freddy sanchez kept up his hot hitting for the giants, though. this home run gave the giants a 4-0 lead. they went on to win 6-3. still, the giants didn't gain any ground on the san diego padres. they barely got past the dodgers with the win last night. final score there was 2-1. that means the padres keep their one-game lead over the giants. >> getting tight. well, the as host the mariners again tonight at 7:00. last night stockton's very own dallas rayden was on the mound. he had a tough time in the fourth. braden gave up just four runs that inning. as went on to lose it 7-5. no one was safe from an umpire's wrath in milwaukee last night. home plate umpire bob davidson ejected the brewers' manager in the second inning.
5:19 am
after that he ejected the cardinal's pitching coach and a milwaukee player. but he wasn't there, in the seventh, he throws a fan out of the game. get out of here! security escorted the man out and police arrested him for disorderly conduct. >> stick with sports. this time a programming note for you now. tomorrow, the nfl season kicks off right here on nbc bay area. looks like the vikings and the saints will kick it off. what that means is that there will be no nbc bay area news at 5:00 and 6:00. well, just because you're stuck in a mine for up to four months doesn't mean you have to miss your favorite team in action. the trapped miners in chile, they watched the national soccer team take on ukraine yesterday, thanks to a projector that was lowered to them by crews. the mine collapsed, trapping the men last month. they may not even be rescued until december. one of the miners used to play soccer professionally, so he provided the play-by-play for his fellow miners, keeping up their spirits. this morning rodney king is back in the headlines, this time
5:20 am
on a good note. he's getting married, believe it or not, to one of the jurors from his civil case. according to radar online, juror number five is ready to take rodney king's hand in marriage. king met cynthia kelly years ago after the jury awarded him millions of dollars in his civil suit against the city of los angeles. king says four months ago, he called kelly on a whim and the romance began. king made national news after a video camera caught police beating him in 1991. >> i guess we really all can get along, quite well. >> it's 5:20 right now let's check in with mike with our morning commute. >> folks are gathering together, but this is not in camaraderie. there's a lane blocked and a distraction southbound 580 at airway pl waway boulevard. the earlier accident happened before 4:00. lou told me firsthand he saw a rig hit the right shoulder, the k-rail there, and then run over all across right lanes, right in front of his car, and hit that center divide. still clearing it up. the rig is clear, the fuel spill
5:21 am
is not. folks can get off north livermore avenue and head down highway 84. might want to hit those city streets. the travel time overall out of the altamont pass, still around 19 minutes. you're still okay, just plan another five minutes or so. now, it's bad news for folks on this side of the accident, good news for folks heading over to the dublin interchange and the feeder roads over to the east bay and the maze, because that will mean a little bit lighter flow, at least for the time being. but right here we have an accident coming off westbound 580 at 880, that is the maze itself. might be restricting flow. not necessarily in lanes, but just off to the shoulder at the traditi transition. and westbound 80 at ashby road, a big piece of metal reported there. and six folks on the side of the road with flat tires. so watch for the area, but we haven't seen any new reports over the last ten minutes. that's better news. the east shore freeway, still 18 minutes off the carquinez bridge down to the toll plaza with no backup. but look at oakland, look at this, the shot from the nimitz freeway shows you the glowing lights. that's because there's water and mist on the lens, and that's an indicator of what will be
5:22 am
meeting you out on the roadway throughout most of the bay area. make sure those windshield wipers are moving smoothly through the area. but i'll tell you the major impact, no, i won't, i'll leave it to rob in a few minutes. a rescue team jumps into action to save baby elephant. why he needed the help, next. [ male announcer ] we went to germany's nurburgring
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and the state had to take over the schools. fact: the city controller found employees paid for 22,000 hours... they never worked. fact: brown promised to cut crime. but murders doubled, making oakland the 4th most dangerous city in america. jerry brown. he just can't deliver the results and welcome back. good morning.
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it's 5:24 on this -- well, feels like november morning around the bay area. we've got some drizzle and breezy conditions. 62 degrees, san jose. southeast wind at 3 miles per hour. misty skies across your 880 commute in oakland, 61, west wind at 15. and across the golden gate bridge, windshield wipers going off and on this morning. we have 61 degrees, kind of hair spray rain settling down on the golden gate bridge this morning. southwest winds at 12. so today, definitely feeling more like fall. our highs today, at best, maybe some low 70s inland, but mostly 60s around the bay area. now, once we get past today, heading towards the weekend, we should see temperatures rebounding just a bit. thanks to the all-day-long sea breeze and that ocean air-conditioning, no problems with our air quality. that looks just great for your outdoor plans today, but you'll probably be able to wear a jacket all day long, thanks to the system we're seeing right there on the satellite and radar view, mainly missing up and heading out over the sierra where it is cold enough higher up in the atmosphere to give us maybe some snow above 8,000 feet today. for the bay area, we're talking
5:26 am
drizzle and cool breezes all day long. today's high in the coast, 50s and some light rain possible on the ocean-facing hills this morning. inland, we should see some 70s and 80s coming back, staying cool on the coast. but looking more like september, at least, as we head towards this upcoming weekend. around the bay area today. mostly in the upper 60s around san jose, and including now towards los gatos as well. these temperatures are seeing today way down from the 90s we had to start the week. close to 60 in san francisco. east bay location seeing highs in the mid-60s around oakland. close to 74, pittsburgh, and fairfield in the north bay. highs in the 60s and low 70s. head up as we head towards the weekend. this morning, a baby elephant safe and sound after getting stuck in marsh wetland in india. the precocious pachyderm about a year old entered the area with a herd of elephant and then got
5:27 am
stuck went the other elephants began to climb out of the marshland. a rescue team rode in on other elephants to help save the day. they managed to lead the little one back to safety, and after a quick inspection for any injuries, the baby elephant was eventually released back into the wild. time is now 5:27. coming up, we have updates on two new proposed stadiums for the bay area. see what's going to happen. some big names trying to talk to a church out of publicly burning the koran this weekend. find out what a minister says it will take for him to back down. and bad news for current grocery stores around the bay find c oanen you banefenefit ou. from some new kids on the block. t
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a man who may have played a role in an east bay killing spree is in jail this morning. we'll tell you how his lawyers are trying to get him out. and where grocery stores want in on the $500 billion game. we'll tell you what that means for consumers. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm garvin thomas. brent has the day off. but mike is here. let's get you started on the commute. >> i would like to get folks started moving through livermore, we have that cig alert going on, and it's still there, stopping up traffic, westbound 580. folks want to get off on first street, that's where the backup is starting to form. still have one lane blocked. the cleanup crew has arrived for that oil spill, the fuel spill going to take some time to clear up.
5:31 am
that's going to be a big problem if you're east of livermore heading towards the dublin interchange. bay bridge, westbound direction, the upper deck, a stalled bus reported near treasure island. that should clear quickly, but, rob, the skies aren't going to clear. mist and drizzle all around the bay area. >> i know i ran into some driving from dublin down across the sunol grade on 680, and chances are you will have some drizzle for more morning drive and bundle the kids up for the afternoon temperatures as well. we're starting off in the 50s and 60s, but that's going to be how we finish the day with a high of 67, san jose. we'll let you know if these chilly temperatures will stick around for the weekend ahead coming up in the forecast in a few minutes. garvin? >> rob, thank. the latest grocery battle isn't between paper and plastic, it's all about small businesses taking aim at corporate supermarket chains. nbc bay area's kris sanchez is live to tell us about a potential price war that could turn into a food fight. kris? >> reporter: good morning to you, garvin. that's certainly something that consumers would like to see. we're here at one of the powerhouse grocery stores in the
5:32 am
bay area, and while their prices are pretty fair, of course, anytime you bring new folks into the competition, the prices are likely to drop, and that's what folks would like to see, certainly in these difficult economic times. though in some communities, there's only one store for miles, and that could soon change according to the "contra costa times." new stores like kroger and -- kroger food company could give the powerhouse safeway a little competition. smaller specialty stores, though, want in on this game as well. stores like fresh 'n easy, and henry's farmer's market, which is coming to the bay area for the for first time. these are smaller stores which aim to offer consumers greater choice and a little competition for those mainstays in the grocery arena. according to the food marketing institute, a grocery trade group, it estimates that it is a $557 billion gain that we're talking about. and what won't be easy for all
5:33 am
of these new stores, you can just ask the folks at the pw market, which recently closed seven of its 11 stores, so it is going to be tough times. they say they just couldn't handle the competition from big box stores that are also offering grocery stores like target, walmart, and we've seen groceries at dollar stores around town as well. in santa clara, kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much, kris. this morning crews will continue to sift through 3,000 tons of garbage for any sign of a missing hercules man. today will be the sixth day in a row that police officers and volunteers searched the keller canyon landfill in pittsburg. they're looking for 35-year-old frederick sales who's been missing since august 28th. police believe he may have been murdered by 38-year-old efren valdemoro, who was shot and killed by chp officers in richmond. valdemoro is linked to the death of three people, including sales' elderly father. this morning, lawyers will try to reduce the bail of a man
5:34 am
who police say could possibly be involved in that east bay killing spree. 72-year-old charles rittenhouse is charged with possession of chemicals used to make explosives. his wife, 63-year-old segundia allen and her friend, 60-year-old marcia smart were found dead in his vallejo home on august 31st. police say he's a person of interest, but they've not charged him with any crime related to their deaths. a florida church leader says he is going through with plans to burn korans this saturday. that despite warnings from the fbi, general david petraeus, and secretary of state hillary clinton. reverend terry jones says he's received more than 100 death threats and now carries a gun. his church in gainesville is staging a "burn a koran day" for september 11th. jones says he is still praying about it, but only a sign from god will change his mind. the future of furlough fridays goes before the state supreme court today. governor schwarzenegger calls the furloughs a necessary evil in the current budget crisis.
5:35 am
state workers say they're being used in a political fight to pressure the legislature to act. the justices will have 90 days to publish their decision. if state employees win the case, they could get backpay for all furlough days since february of 2009. this morning, health insurance company pacificcare faces $9.9 billion in fines from state regulators. the "l.a. times" reports the california department of insurance accuses the company of violating state law over 1 million times between 2006 and 2008. charges against pacificcare include mishandling claims and losing patient documents. an oakland judge will decide whether or not to recommend the penalty. pacificcare and its parent company, united health corp., deny the allegations. 5:35 right now. scott mcgrew says the connecticut attorney general wants to know if craigslist is actually shutting down its adult section are for real. >> craigslist made the news over the weekend, where it added a black censored bar over its adult section, preventing access to adult services.
5:36 am
the connecticut attorney general, richard blumenthal, takes credit for that action, but now wants to know if it's all for real. blumenthal said in a letter to craigslist, which he also released to the press, quote, i strongly urge you -- that'd be craigslist -- to make a public promise that the shutdown will be permanent and complete. now, craigslist isn't saying what's going on or what it plans to do, but i did sit down with the craigslist ceo, jim buckmaster for a whole half hour on television when this controversy first broke out, talking about craigslist's responsibilities. buckmaster said craigslist didn't particularly want adult ads, but by creating a special section, the website was able to keep the naughty ads separate and out of the, say, used sports equipment section, where they don't really belong. >> thank you very much. well, you remember the renderings of the proposed san jose as ballpark we first brought to you a few weeks ago. well, now it's official.
5:37 am
as' owner says they've hired a company to design two stadiums. cisco field for the as and also a new soccer stadium for the earthquakes. wolf owns both teams. they've designed several ballparks, including the stadium shared by the jets and the giants. there's no shortage of plan for state of the art stadiums in the south bay. today santa clara city leaders will decide whether or not to approve the stadium's design. the stadium will include 20,000 square feet of solar panels and luxury suites that open up to grass-covered rooftops. there's even talk of 3-d television and a way to order snacks and drinks from your seats ordering touch screens. stadium owners will also weigh in on news measures that would put them in an entertainment zone that would include a golf club, convention center, and hotels. it's important to know, neither team officially planning to move. parking changes in san francisco are making it easier for drivers to avoid expensive tickets, but it's also reducing money the city collects from
5:38 am
those parking tickets. the sf park program allows drivers to pay for meters not with coins, but with credit or debit cards. starting next year, drivers will also be able to pay via cell phone. transportation leaders say despite an anticipated drop in parking tickets, they still expect to generate more parking meter revenue, because it will be easier for people to pay and they can change meter rates based on the demand for spaces. >> all right. demand for a cleanup out there on what aisle -- >> aisle 580? >> exactly. wb 580, westbound. the demand is growing now because more folks are in line here. east stanley boulevard, westbound direction through town. that's going to get more crowded, because that is pretty much parallel to 580. and a lot of folks use that as a cut-through for livermore. that will get very crowded, because look at all these focus waiting to get by. that one lane blocked. a fuel spill there. the cleanup crew has arrived on scene and they're now telling chp, maybe an hour and a half. it might be 7:00 a.m. before that lane is cleared.
5:39 am
that's not good, folks. they're hoping to possibly clean that quicker, but that's a 30-minute drive getting in towards the middle of livermore and no good alternates for you, because there are no alternate freeways and b.a.r.t. opportunity take you there as well. >> wb 580, one of my favorite stations. way up there on the dial. hey, what about the weather today? finally feeling a little fall like. >> it is september 8th, right? >> it is. >> doesn't look like it on the maps. the temperatures outside, 62, san jose. that's not that unusual. temperatures in the 50s and 60s in the morning, but it's what our cameras are picking up this morning. we have some drizzle around san francisco, and at times, even some light rain in oakland this morning. west wind at 15, ensuring we'll have a cool afternoon. and this is something you do not see on your satellite very often in early september. a fall-like frontal system that will bring some snow to the sierra above 8,000 feet today. and for the bay area, drive time drizzle, enough to make the roadways a little damp in a few spots. for the afternoon, it's jacket weather all day long, so you can
5:40 am
bundle up this morning and stay that way for the afternoon. 67, san jose. close to 60, san francisco. the weekend, we should warm up a little bit with some 70s and 80s as we approach saturday and sunday. back to you. >> looks good, thanks. 5:39 right now. a new study says material dentists use to protect young teeth could be a health risk. details, coming up. and school just started, so it can't be finals. why are some students staying up all night at cal? well, the reason may surprise you. a live report, coming up. and bp just released its report on the oil leak in the gulf. find out what it's saying next in a live report from washington. b@@@@@@@ d@@@j@d@÷d
5:41 am
[ male announcer ] how can rice production in india, affect wheat output in the u.s., the shipping industry in norway, and the rubber industry, in south america? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex global economy. it's just one reason 75% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment objectives, risks, fees, expenses, and other information to read and consider carefully before investing.
5:42 am
as governor, he cut waste got rid of the mansion and the limo budgets were balanced. $4 billion in tax cuts. world class schools and universities. clean energy promoted. 1.9 million new jobs created. california was working. i'm jerry brown. california needs major changes. we have to live within our means; we have to return power and decision making to the local level-closer to the people and no new taxes without voter approval. jerry brown the knowledge and know-how to get california working again. 5:42 this morning. bp is spreading the blame for the worst man-made environment stall disaster in u.s. history. the details of their internal investigation into the deepwater horizon blast are coming out. nbc bay area's tracie potts live in washington with more on the reaction to the report. good morning, tracie.
5:43 am
>> reporter: good morning. brand-new information just came out about an hour and a half ago. bp saying there was no single factor involved, but a complex group of factors involved in this blowout that ended up killing 11 workers and causing the biggest oil spill in u.s. history. a sequence of failures, they call it, in their own internal four-month investigation. it involved their chief safety officer and 50 experts, both inside and outside the company. and their findings, there were several components in that well, that failed. the former ceo, the outgoing ceo, call s it a bad cement job including the blowout preventer. there were bad test results that were accepted, that shouldn't have been, according to this report. a slow response by the transocean team, that's the company that owns the well. operational failures. but interestingly, they say it's unlikely that the design of the well really played a part in this explosion. and that's something that was discussed here on capitol hill during congressional hearings. 25 new recommendations from this
5:44 am
report by bp about how to prevent this from happening again. and they say they hope it will help not only their company, but the rest of the oil industry as well. >> thank you very much. so interesting to look at. this morning, a 50-ton steel column salvaged from the 9/11 attacks stands at the world trade center site again. it's one of two columns that will make up the entryway of the 9/11 memorial and museum. as a giant crane hoisted the plastic-covered column, it slowly turned, revealing a flag and a 9/11 memorial sign. the second column will be put in place today. it's all part of the 9/11 memorial, scheduled to be finished by the tenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks. next year, the 9/11 museum is expected to open a year later in 2012. nasa scientist who is specialize dealing with people in small places think the chilean miners will make it out okay. four scientists went to chile to give advice on how to meet the miners' nutritional and psychological needs. they're worried that the miners
5:45 am
will suffer from total muscle breakdown and they could have more problems after a rescue. >> they will, in their own right, have a certain celebrity status within their country, and there will be a lot of pressures put upon them. >> but he believes the miners have what with it takes to make it. the miners have a lot to keep them occupied down there. they now have a tiny movie projector, along with journals. it's 5:45 right now. you're watching nbc bay area news. >> we're going to get a check on traffic and weather in just a few minutes. but first, want to get you to one of our top stories this morning. thousands of east bay students won't have to shuffle to new schools. overnight, richmond city council members voted to keep three schools open. nbc bay area's christie smith is live with their story. christie? >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you. we're talking about three schools, two elementary schools and one high school here in richmond, kennedy high school. and this one, basically, grabbed most of the attention.
5:46 am
it's got most of the students. the city is going to give $1.5 million to keep the schools open and $900,000 of that would go to keep kennedy open. here with me this morning is charles ramsey with the west contra costra county unified school district. good morning. can you walk us through how we got here and why you had to turn to the city for money? >> a fiscal crisis in the state of california. we had to cut $39 million and we were left with no alternatives or choices. so, unfortunately, kennedy high was one of the schools on the chopping block. and then last year, we made the decision. and then the city council bailed us out and gave us enough support to keep this school open. $1.5 million last year. we went back, asked again, and they granted that wish. and we're just relieved and pleased. and we know we're not out of the woods yet. we have a long-term solution that we have to come up, but putting our heads together, work together, we believe we can do that working with the city. >> reporter: well, ultimately the city decided to do this, but i believe there was one council member that had some concerns that perhaps the schoolboard was
5:47 am
using the city as an atm, going back for more money. what do you say to that? >> last night that was a common theme that was put out there by councilman bates, but he's a well-intentioned person, been on the council far while, and i think he was just expressing his frustration about the current situation and know that cities and schools traditionally haven't had a collaboration. but now moving forward in the future, 21st century thinking, we have to find every way to fund our schools. so the city coming together with us to make this happen was a huge relief and good for the community's public safety. this could have been a blighted site of 1,000 students gone, dilapidated, and then it would have just created more problems for the city. so i understand his concern around the funds they need for law enforcement, police, and fire, but at the same time, kids and education are a top priority. so we're going to continue to roll our sleeves up, remain fiscally responsible, because we were. this was not a situation where the school district didn't do its part to avoid bankruptcy. and so now, we're going to make sure that we do everything
5:48 am
possible to work with the city. >> reporter: all right. great, thank you very much. and thanks for getting out here. i know you were up late last night. that's the latest, reporting live in richmond. christie smith, nbc bay area news. joining intermural sports team at uc berkeley is so popular that cal students are camping out overnight. nbc bay area's bob redell live at uc berkeley this morning where dozens of students are in line to get their first shot at joining some teams. pretty dedicated. >> reporter: my ear piece just went out, so i don't know if you can hear me okay, but i'm going to keep my voice down, because there are a lot of students that are still asleep out here, outside the recreational center here on campus of uc berkeley. they've been lined up, some since yesterday, early yesterday evening. in line to sign up for the limited number of spots for soccer, intermural soccer, by my estimate. there's probably about 100 to 150 students out here. what makes this so significant, we were just talking to this gentleman over here, hey, good morning to you. hey, quick question. you were saying you've been here
5:49 am
four years as a student. what have you notice offerd ove years as far as the line? >> the line just gets longer and you have to get here earlier and earlier every semester to get a better spot, like here or something. >> reporter: you think that's a function of budget cuts? >> that's what i think. it's just kind of speculation, but, i don't know. it does seem like it has been a lot harder. we've been here so many semesters, trying to wait in line. we have to get here earlier in the evening to get better positioning and stuff. >> reporter: the only upside, and i'm wondering if you've seen this when you're actually play in the leagues is the fact that the people who do come here, you've got to be the die-hards, got to be the most competitive. does that make for a better game? >> yeah, definitely. it's very competitive, and you also see, as the demand is the same, but you have less supply of spots, that better players moving into lower leagues, or the more casual leagues, where everyone's kind of doing it for fun, the team, there'll be like really intense people playing, people who just want to have fun. and it gets a little crazy. >> reporter: best of luck to
5:50 am
you. >> thank you. >> reporter: only about an hour and ten minutes before the doors open here at the rec center. this is just to sign up for intermural soccer. you can imagine the scene, maybe even longer license tomorrow when they have the signup for basketball. reporting live here at uc berkeley, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> there'll be some napping this afternoon. >> okay, scott mcgrew is jo joining -- oh, we don't have to whisper? >> where were you the afternoon of july 24th? scott mcgrew says thousands of people were actually on camera -- >> yeah, that is the day that youtube asked everyone to take a camera and turn it around and contribute to what they were doing. a day in the life, documenting life in a single day. the google-owned company has started to post those videos online. there are thousands of them. you see this globe here, you can search by subject. loving, eating, complaining, all kinds of things. the ultimate goal is editing them altogether into a single film.
5:51 am
♪ should be cool. you can see it yourself, the early stuff, the actual clips, not the film, at it's kind of the coffee book -- remember the coffee table book, of the 21st century. >> that's right, "a single day in america," those types of things. >> very interesting. >> scott, thank you very much. now, did you know your kids are safer in your car, at least safer than they used to be. that's the bottom line from the highway safety group that is giving higher marks to manufacturers for turning out better child booster seats. the insurance institute for highway safety released results this morning of crash tests involving 72 models of booster seats. in the latest reviews, the institute rates 21 booster models as best bets. some of the best bets include eddie bauer's auto booster and evenf evenflo's big kid amp. you can check these out at for many people, dialysis is
5:52 am
a life-saving but time-consuming procedure. but now there's a way for patients to reclaim some of that time and feel better in the process. doctors are now giving patients the option of doing dialysis at home. nurses oversee home patient visits every three months. at-home patients go through dialysis six days a week rather than three, which is a little gentler on the body and it offers more freedom. >> they're able to carry on and have jobs and travel, things that would be a little more difficult if they were in center. >> dialysis patients must go through two to three -- two to eight weeks of training before at-home treatment can start. a new study shows one of the most common materials dentists use to prevent teeth from decay, particularly in children, may pose a health risk. the sealants may oppose children to an estrogen-like chemical called bpa. but the risk can be avoided by having kids gargle with water for 30 seconds after the sealant
5:53 am
is placed. bpa may be linked to diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and abnormal behavior in people. want to check in with mike right now. it's 5:52, got a look at that morning commute. >> we'll look at abnormal slowing, even for westbound 580. that cig alert has been working since the beginning of our broadcast, right here around airway boulevard. i pointed out east to stanley boulevard at the earlier map, because that is one of your alternates heading through town. that's usually heavily traveled anyway. going to be even more congested, because all the folks want out of the backup, going past first where a lot of folks cut down through highway 84. that's going to cause a big problem. coming out of the altamont pass, 40 minutes in the bulk of that. everyone trying to get past airway boulevard. heading to the north, you can use evasco road. but if you're heading westbound through this area, if you can, telecommute. plan on that, at least let everybody know that's expecting you on your morning ride that you're going to be very late if you're coming at all. another option for you is the
5:54 am
ace train. it will arrive at the tracy station and cascading down through vasco, livermore, and pleasanton. those stations are available to the south of 580, but once you get down to the south bay, you'll have to catch a ride from the station to your final destination. but if you're headed on the roadways, there's a break, 681 should get there. a very light volume of traffic and the san mateo bridge, another issue. garvin and laura, we're looking at some fog and mist coming across the roadways. no problems for the drivers now, but it is wet out there. >> very interesting. >> very un-september like. >> no, it's not. november, maybe. the east bay this morning, if you're going to send your kids off to school, they may need some umbrellas this morning. we've got 62 in san jose and here's the interesting part. our afternoon temperatures, probably not going to warm more than ten degrees than where we are right now. so you can wear a jacket this morning and you'll be just fine wearing that same jacket this afternoon. low 60s into oakland and san francisco, we've got the sea breeze running pretty strong today. and a fairly strong system dropping in. mainly missing us off to the east, but keeping our
5:55 am
temperatures down today. 50s and 60s inland. maybe some low 70s out there. the weekend, though, we're going to start to warm up. for now, we're hitting this little dip in the road with our temperatures this morning. satellite radar view shows you the action, mainly off to our east today. which, by the way, if you're heading up to lake tahoe, expect to see showers, maybe some thunder for the afternoon, and snow possible as low as 8,000 feet north of lake tahoe today. for the bay area, this front moves on through. we'll have breezy conditions, partly cloudy skies, but cool temperatures. 50s out along the coast, close to 60 in san francisco, then beginning thursday and friday, as high pressure builds back in, we should see those inland temperatures feeling for like september as we head towards the weekend. but today, look at those high temperatures. 67 around san jose and livermore. low 70s around fairfield, but only near 60 for san francisco. down from the 90s we had on monday. north bay temperatures also 60s and 70s. the weekend, we finally start to warm up with some morning clouds and more sunshine as we head towards saturday and sunday. back to you. >> we'll look forward to that. thanks, rob. it's wednesday morning and that means it's time to update
5:56 am
you on the progress of a young opera singer whose charming audiences and judges alike on "america's got talent." ♪ angelic, isn't it? after eight weeks, 10-year-old jackie evancho has reached the top ten. the fifth grader from pittsburgh sang again last night. she's aiming for the $1 million prize and a chance to headline a national tour, including a show in las vegas. tonight we'll find out if she will make next week's finals. from nbc prime-time to late night and news about "saturday night live" and the scoop on the show's premiere season. comedienne and actress amy poehler will host as "snl" kicks off its 36th season. the former cast member and four-time emmy award nominee shares top billing with musical guest katy perry. she's now starring on nbc's "parks and recreation." you can see the season premiere
5:57 am
right here on nbc bay area on september 25th. >> sounds fun! it's 5:56 right now. imagine breaking the law more than 1 million times in just two years. we'll tell you about the health care case in front of an okay judge. and quite the going away party for a former hp ceo, mark hurd. just wait until you hear the price tag to get him to walk away from one silicon valley giant and head to another. and a hazing ritual gone out of control has an east bay high schooler in the hospital. and a live look outside at the traffic moving along 880 in oakland. you're going to want to pay attention to traffic and weather this morning. it's not what you expect.
5:58 am
5:59 am
grocery wars. we'll tell you what a slew of new stores could mean for your next shopping bill. while you were sleeping, the richmond city council made a

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